A spotlight on: Canada assessment day

We recently met learners at an assessment day to select participants for work placements in Vancouver, Canada

It was a privilege to be able to talk to learners at HRUC (Harrow, Richmond and Uxbridge Colleges) during their gruelling assessment day.

Shortlisted applicants were invited to perform a series of tasks to showcase why they would be an excellent candidate for Turing work placements in Vancouver, Canada.


“Work experience helps you become an adaptable, open minded and self aware individual”

Activities included a team working task, group presentations and one to one interviews, giving learners the opportunities to share their motivation, passions and what they would be able to offer to a work placement.

The enthusiasm of the group really shone through and we were impressed with the supportive atmosphere all the learners showed to their peers, as they all shared their presentations and ideas. We’ve no doubt they will make some fantastic contributions to the placements in Canada in June.