A visit to Portugal

A few weeks ago, we visited two new partners in Portugal, to put plans in place for project development in 2017.

The first partner, C4G, is based in Lisbon. We were accompanied by C4G staff member, Tiago, on a visit to a potential placement at a warehouse for renewable energy. They develop zero emission cars and scooters and also provide solar installation, with 80% industrial installations and 20% in residential properties. We also had the opportunity to visit a hotel and tour operator, and we hope to have our initial Lisbon placements in the construction and travel & tourism sector.

Lisbon is an exciting and vibrant city with winding hills and cobbled streets, and beautiful views of the sea. It is quite a contrast to the second location that we visited, Esposende.

Esposende is a quiet seaside town, in the north of Portugal, close to Porto. We had the opportunity to meet new partner, Euromob, who are based here. We visited the Casa das Marinhas (the Maritime museum), which will host travel & tourism placements and an IT shop, which will host ICT placements.

Both partners offered us a warm welcome and great hospitality. It is great to have found two partners in such different locations within Portugal. This will enable us to offer a range of placements, which respond the needs of our varied participants. We look forward to working with C4G and Euromob in the future.