RiSE International is a social enterprise working to build capacity within organisations and increase people’s access to opportunities across the world. Our portfolio focuses on giving people the knowledge and skills they need for progression and advancement.

Our vision

Our vision is that people across the world have access to the opportunities they need to fulfil their potential and contribute to a progressive and sustainable future.

Our mission

We deliver programmes that empower both individuals and organisations to grow and succeed.

Meet the team

  • Marcus Director and Founder

    As well as having oversight of all aspects of the organisations’ delivery, Marcus is responsible for driving the organisations’ evolution and new directions of work.

  • Sarah Co-Director

    Her areas of responsibility are strategic and business development, communications, operations and staff management. Sarah is also our monitoring and evaluation lead.

  • Tony Finance Officer

    He deals with finance function, monitoring systems, funders system checks, management reports, project summaries and project reconciliations

  • Lucy Partnerships Manager

    Lucy is the key point of contact for partners and is responsible for managing the delivery of international work placements.

  • James Partnerships Manager

    James is the key point of contact for our partners and UK Colleges. He’s also responsible for managing the delivery of our international work placements and delivering collaborative projects with partners.

  • Janet Project and programme manager

    Janet is an experienced project and programme manager with senior leadership

  • David Senior Project Consultant

    He is responsible for monitoring progress and producing intellectual outputs