What are the SDGs?

The sustainable development goals (SDGs) were agreed and adopted by all United Nation member states. The 17 goals are an urgent call to action for all countries to work in partnership to end poverty, whilst also addressing strategies to improve health and education, reduce inequality, spur economic growth and tackle climate change. We hope to achieve these goals by 2030.


Our commitment

We’re committed to supporting the SDGs and ensuring that all of our work contributes to this important global agenda. The SDGs guide the development of our programme initiatives and new areas of work, and provide an impact assessment framework for our activities.

We also recognise our role in raising awareness so we make sure that the people we work with are aware of the SDGs and actively engage with them through the opportunities we provide.

Which goals do we support?

We have identified the goals which resonate most with our work:

Over the coming months, we’ll be considering how we can best capture and report on the work we deliver within the context of the SDGs, and we’ll set out our accountability as contributors to this global agenda.


To find more information about our work in this area, please get in touch.

Need some SDG inspiration?

Have a look at how a Friesland College in the Netherlands has embedded the SDGs at an organisational level. They’re looking for Colleges who are inspired by this approach in order to consider opportunities for partnership and alliances.

  • “I had an amazing time in Barcelona working for Galeria Maxo where I learnt how to work independently to recreate art work and produce my own work. I really enjoyed it as it helped me gain more confidence in my decision making and practical skills. I also found living on my own an eye opening experience as it helped me not only manage my own money, but also gave me an insight into what life would be like when I do eventually live on my own.”

    Wrenn, Creatives student, Barcelona