Developing Partnerships & Soft Skills in Portugal

It’s been a busy few months for us. As well as participating in events in Finland and Spain, we also recently visited our placement partners in Portugal, and attended the third Transnational Project Meeting of Understanding My Journey, our youth soft skills development project.

Porto placements

First up, we travelled to Porto in the north of the country, to visit our partners at Euromob. For several years now, Chantal and her team have welcomed our students and tutors, primarily working in the health, social care and childcare sectors. Placements are within the Greater Porto region, centred around the seaside suburb of PĆ³voa de Varzim. We met with managers and staff of several of these placements, touring the facilities and chatting to staff.

We also stayed at the hotel accommodation experienced by many of our participants, as well as being taken around their brand new hostel, which is for the exclusive use of Erasmus+ students and accompanying staff.

Continuing the journey in Lisbon

We then headed south to Lisbon, to be hosted by Anespo, our Portuguese partners on the UMJ project. We spent a full two days in discussions at this fourth Transnational Project Meeting. The UMJ Toolkit is now in the final stages of design, layout and translation, and this autumn, each UMJ partner will be piloting the UMJ App and Practitioners’ Guide.

There is a lot to be done between this autumn, and our fifth and final Transnational Meeting, scheduled for Athens in early May 2020.

You can read more about the project, and its progress, in our latest Newsletter:

UMJ Newsletter No. 3 Autumn 2019

We are now actively seeking groups of young people and their practitioners, whether in youth organisations or in colleges, to help us with piloting these resources. If you’re interested in getting involved in piloting, or would like to find out more, contact