Experiencing Prague

“Prague has been an incredible city to live and work, even if the pandemic has made some elements a little more challenging than usual.”

Over the past few months, a handful of Creatives graduates have been on longer placements in Prague. James has been in touch with us to share his experience..

“Whilst in Prague I have had the opportunity to work on a range of projects and their elements within architectural design, the experience I have gained already has been expansive.
I’m sure that there is much more that I will learn before the end of my time here with the support of my placement company and the incredible friends that I live with.”
“The current state of the world has made some things difficult in the sense that much of the attractions of Prague are closed. However, this is truly a beautiful city with a vast range of both built and natural beauty to explore..
I hope for the rest of my time here to develop my skills further within the creative environment that I am fortunate enough to be able to experience. I’m so glad that I have been able to participate in this opportunity, and have found the experience so far incredible.”