Project completed successfully!

We are proud to have completed our 2018 Erasmus plus project, through which we have offered placements to 347 vocational learners.

In spite of the challenges the pandemic has presented over the past two years, we have successfully delivered our project in full, offering a range of short and long term structured work placement opportunities to vocational students, hosted in Spain, Greece and Czech Republic.

Through the project, we offered our first longer term (Erasmus Pro) placements; participants have welcomed the opportunity to spend longer on placement and get more deeply involved in working in the host organisation.


98.55% of participants feel they have increased their technical skills and abilities.

Participants gained tangible work experience and developed transferable, soft skills, including confidence, adaptability and practical problem solving.

‘I had the opportunity to be creative and experiment working with different mediums. I loved the freedom of creating my own pieces and brainstorming concepts that I thought would be appealing to customers.’ Najeh

‘I communicated with tourists from different backgrounds and filled in paperwork. I helped with the company’s online appearance by adding pictures and information to their website.’ Chloe

Participants gained transferable skills. The most commonly cited soft skills were independence, resilience, confidence, (cross cultural) communication, adaptability, teamworking, organisation and problem solving.

‘I learnt management and organisational skills and improved my confidence.’ Krushankumar

‘The management of this project is exemplary and should be considered best practice. It is clear that the students are the number one priority and this is reflected through the support that they receive throughout the whole of
the project as well as being reinforced by the participant feedback.’

We were delighted to received such positive feedback in our final project assessment and are looking forward to offering many exciting opportunities to learners in the year ahead.