Our partnership with Barking and Dagenham College has seen 261 students travel to Czech Republic, Greece, Portugal and Spain for their work experience placements, under their 2017 Erasmus+ contract.

Students have participated in placements related to their vocational areas including :

  • Business
  • Construction
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Health and Social Care
  • ICT
  • Sports
  • “I mostly assisted a plumber with air conditioning and underfloor heating. I experienced a different style of plumbing, which was great. Furthermore, we were fixing boilers in customers’ houses and repairing faults. I now feel that if I had to fit any underfloor heating or conditioning pipes, I would be comfortable to do it without any assistance or supervision.”

    Khalil, Construction student, Lebrija

Project results




91% rather or very satisfied
91% would recommend their host employer
78% improved their chances of getting a job

Gender balance

  • 68% Male
  • 32% Female


  • 43% Spain
  • 39% Czech Republic
  • 10% Portugal
  • 8% Greece

Student testimonials

  • “My internship mostly focussed on search engine optimisation and handling new software, with the aim to market the company more efficiently and establish contacts in Britain. I plan to go to university to study computing once I finish my course, so I have already included this in my application.”  

    Roberto, ICT student, Prague
  • “I discovered how manual labour in Spain is a whole different world to the UK. Even the way I got to sand down gates and repaint them was unlike what I had learnt before. I believe that my time overseas will help me professionally because I have work experience within construction in another country, where I have learnt different skills that could help me stand out on the job market.”  

    Jayden, Plumbing student, Lebrija
  • “The programme stands out clearly on my CV. I was able to appreciate how different aspects of plumbing are prioritised in different countries due to climate and building styles. In Spain you have to plan for the heat whilst in the UK you plan for the colder weather.”  

    Jed, Plumbing student, Lebrija


Team work skills 85%
Problem solving skills 84%
Independent learning skills 80%
Technical and professional skills 80%

Improved attitudes and behaviours

More adaptable 91%
More curious and open-minded 87%
More confident 85%
More aware of own strengths & weaknesses 83%

Improved competencies

Social and civic competencies 82%
Digital competencies 65%
Foreign language competencies 65%
STEM competencies 49%

Tutor testimonials

  • “Even though the experience could be quite challenging at times, it gave me the opportunity to support my group on deeper level than I could have back in the college. I had a greater involvement in the development of the students’ life skills, confidence and work experience.”  

    Angeligi, Hair & Beauty tutor, Crete