Placement overview

Name: Chloe
Vocational area: Travel & Tourism
Duration: 6 weeks
Location: Seville, Spain
  • “Advice that I could give to future participants is to give it time and not to give up straight away. Your family is still going to be there when you're back. Make sure to give your work placement a go and if there are any problems make sure these are spoken about with your teacher or the organisation you’re supported by. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and there’s so much to see and learn. Just enjoy it because you’ll miss it so much!”

    Chloe, Travel & Tourism student, Seville

The motivation

I applied for this opportunity to improve my communication skills, and to have a feel of what it’s really like to work abroad. I was intrigued about the Spanish language and wanted to travel somewhere different where I don’t know anyone, so I could have a different experience. Living in England is very different to Spain, therefore I really wanted to experience the different cultures and living conditions.

The placement

My placement was in a tourist bike and Segway rental company. I had to communicate with tourists from different backgrounds and fill in paperwork. I was able to communicate and create a conversation while taking in details so bikes could be rented.

As well as the bike shop, I handed out flyers on Segways, so tourists could purchase Segway tours. This task was fun but challenging, as tourists came from different countries, and it was sometimes hard to communicate and sell tours.

I also helped with the company’s online appearance by adding pictures and information to their website.

The location

I liked Seville as it had a very calm and relaxed feel to it. It had a lot of culture and heritage which I was able to explore on my days off. Some of this culture was very unique, such as the Cathedral and the Alcazar.

The festivals were very interesting, something I could never have experienced at home. I love how at one of the festivals women would dress up in beautiful dresses. As well as this, I also loved how everything in Seville was so close together and within walking distance.


The impact

My biggest learning experience was trying to learn and understand Spanish so I could be understood more. My independence grew from this experience, which boosted my self-confidence. I succeeded in working in a different environment, and was able to make business for the organisation I worked for, even though I didn’t know much Spanish.

My placement has definitely helped me professionally. I can communicate more with customers and have an understanding of how to act in certain situations. My next step is to go on to the Cabin Crew course at SGS College Filton and train to be an air hostess.


  • Improved language skills
  • Exposure to cultural experience
  • Confidence building
  • Improved people skills

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