Placement overview

Name: David
Vocational area: Sports Coaching
Duration: 4 weeks
Location: Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth), South Africa
  • "This was definitely, the best experience in my life so far. The experience really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I gained skills like decision making, time management, adaptability and teamwork." 

    David, Sports placement, South Africa

The motivation

When I heard there was an abroad work experience in South Africa, I was excited to apply for it. It was an opportunity to travel to a new country, meet and work new people and overall experience different culture and lifestyle.

The placement

The work placement was perfect for me. I was lucky to coach my favourite sports (football and cricket) to the kids. With the help of other volunteers, we also organized physical activities, demonstrated them to kids, gave them some feedback and support. The kids loved it. I personally enjoyed it a lot as well.

The placement taught me to be grateful for the things I have. When I saw the kids with minimum sporting facilities or equipment, with no proper sport clothes, I realized lucky I am to have these things.

I had never coached before, and I am really proud that I did it. I learned a lot and was able to share my knowledge with the kids.

The location

South Africa is beautiful and we went on amazing excursions each weekend – including sandboarding, surfing and an overnight safari, which made the trip more enjoyable and sociable.  We saw a cricket game at the local stadium, it was the first time I’d been to a cricket stadium. 

Our accommodation was great, we were really well looked after. There was a swimming pool on site and an open ground outside the accommodation, so we could play volleyball every night. The staff were really supportive and approachable and arranged social activities for us every night. We had fruit every day for breakfast and dinner was delicious home cooked food.


The impact

This was definitely, the best experience I had in my life so far. My colleagues, work placement, staff in SA were amazing and I will miss them a lot.

I’m now looking for part time jobs and planning to study Sports and Exercise Science at University. 

The experience really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I gained skills like decision making, time management, adaptability and teamwork. These are all skills needed to work in the industry and I am very happy and I was able to take these skills from the placement. 


  • Improved language skills
  • Exposure to cultural experience
  • Confidence building
  • Improved people skills

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