Placement overview

Name: Harry
Vocational area: Football
Duration: 3 weeks
Location: Seville, Spain
  • 'The overall experience made the team much closer. We grew as individuals and got to know each other a lot better which will help us when we play together on our return.'  

    Harry, Sports student, Seville

The motivation

I saw the placement as a chance to travel with my friends, whilst learning new styles of playing football in a completely different environment. My college tutor encouraged me to work hard and provided support throughout the application process.

The placement

We were placed in a training facility in Seville where we played with a semi-professional level team such as our own. English football is more direct than the Spanish way which is a lot more technical and emphasises aspects such as passing. We lost all three games but I was happy to lose and learn rather than win and gain nothing!

Our coach spoke English well so we were able to communicate easily however he also took the time to teach us some basic Spanish.

We had the chance to watch a professional football game where we supported Seville against their rivals! It was a chance to relax after a busy week and we felt like part of the local community.

The location

Spain is a beautiful country and Seville is unimaginable, with every street full of history and Andalusian culture. Working abroad is more challenging because you have to develop your communication skills and understand a brand new currency, but it is a chance to learn new abilities.



The impact

The overall experience made the team much closer; we did what we all loved (playing football), but away from home together. We grew as individuals and know each other a lot better which will help us when we play together on our return.

The best thing about my placement was the chance it gave me to be independent and to look after myself. Being healthy, eating right and staying hydrated were all in my power, although the host organisation checked up on me regularly. I enjoyed living with my friends and cooking with them. I realised how responsible I could actually be which I did not have the chance to do before.

I plan to go to University to study a Strength and Conditioning course, to pursue my goal of becoming a professional trainer. I now know that I can live away from home and support myself.


  • Improved language skills
  • Exposure to cultural experience
  • Confidence building
  • Improved people skills

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