Placement overview

Name: Hazera
Vocational area: Health & Social Care
Duration: 4 weeks
Location: Vancouver, Canada
  • I have developed skills in communication, listening, administration, advertising, program management, program development as well as social media management. I have proved I am very capable of being independent.  

    Hazera, Health & Social Care, Vancouver

The motivation

To experience the culture in Canada through the food, landmarks, and city life. I wanted to make unforgettable memories but also use this opportunity as a tool to connect to others and build relationships. It will provide me with a perspective to understand other people.

The placement

RCD (Richmond Centre for Disabilities) is an amazing nonprofit organization that allows people with disabilities to participate in the community and be involved to the extent that they can. It helps with accessibility as well as being an amazing place for friendship and recreational activities.

We were allowed to be in charge of some programs, and participate and support participants. We learnt how to communicate and observe how individuals who may be different to us communicate. We have developed skills such as learning to communicate and to listen differently.

It was difficult to learn and curate an accessible sitting-waist up exercise routine and teach it during one of the programs. I needed to be aware of everyone’s range of movement and explain ways they can replace certain movements to make it easier for them.

This placement was a great learning experience. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to become more aware of the diversity of the human population. Anyone in any sector needs to have awareness of different communication styles and learn to respect everybody’s protected characteristics. This placement was an excellent opportunity to observe and develop these skills and build a greater awareness of supporting people with disabilities.

The location

You will never get tired of the amazing views, the mountains and the water together. I expected the views to be nice but it’s something you can’t get used to. It is so stunning every time. If you live in a big city, you’ll never get to see this even if you travel to the countryside in the UK you will never get views like this.

However, be prepared to leave London’s inclusivity and diversity behind. It takes some adjustment because religious needs like halal food become much more difficult to find. It becomes quite a challenge but it will make you appreciate things you may take for granted more. That alone teaches me to be much more accommodating to everyone’s needs because for some it’s so easy to be ignorant to the difficulties some people may have. I urge everyone to be aware of this before coming.


The impact

I have developed my independence, which help me at university, in future careers and generally in life. I proved my independence to myself and my family which previously was a barrier for me doing my studies and my jobs.

This placement itself has developed skills in communication, listening, administration, advertising, program management, program development as well as social media management. We have covered so much in our time here in Vancouver.

I learned essential independent life skills here as well – all of my time was spent learning, during my free time, whilst doing chores, or in my work placement.


  • Improved language skills
  • Exposure to cultural experience
  • Confidence building
  • Improved people skills

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