Placement overview

Name: Isaac
Duration: 3 months
Location: Puglia, Italy
  • “I would fully endorse the programme for anyone thinking of taking part. It has literally changed the course of my life.”

    Isaac, Engineering student, Puglia

The motivation

I had just finished an Aerospace Engineering degree at the University of Liverpool and was unsure about what to do next. After finishing university, I had to take work outside of the sector, as that was all that was available to me. Most companies required at least a year of practical experience, which I didn’t have. Being an international student also made this harder. During this time, I was involved in a car accident and this proved a pivotal moment for me to reflect on what I wanted to do with my life. I started looking for opportunities in Aerospace, and that was when I discovered RiSE International (REY Europe).

The placement

During my placement, I supported a project on Emission Control and flame stability in lean combustion engines. I used an experimental set-up that enabled an intensive study of combustion phenomena in turbine combustors, with an integrated analysis of various aspects, such as thermal-fluid-dynamic, chemical kinetics, vibro-acoustic and constructive aspects, materials and sensors. I also designed a combustion chamber and conducted engineering analyses utilising various 3D CAD packages like SolidWorks, ANSYS workbench and Fluent. I’d never used most of this software before, so it was an eye-opening experience.

The location

I’d never lived in a different country away from my family before, so going abroad for 6 months was a big step. I remember on the first day, going to a shop to buy milk, and I didn’t even know what milk was in Italian! It really forced me to learn the language! By the end of my placement, I obtained an A1 certificate in Italian and I still speak Italian to this day. I’ve now travelled back to Italy on several occasions to explore more of this beautiful country.


The impact

It was my first professional aerospace engineering experience and confirmed a future direction for me. Returning to the UK after my placement, I was able to find a job within two months, and spoke about my experience in Italy during my interview. The placement confirmed to me what it took to become an aerospace engineer, but also gave me a clearer idea of the kind of role I wanted. I decided not to do hands on engineering, but instead looked for a role in programme management.

After working for a while, I was awarded a scholarship to Cranfield University for a post graduate qualification in aircraft vehicle design for dedication to the aviation industry, through the Royal Aeronautical Society sponsored by the Aerospace Growth Partnership. I have continued to work in the sector and now work for Cranfield Aerospace Solutions; a leading aircraft design organisation as a Business Development Manager. I would fully endorse the programme for anyone thinking of taking part. It has literally changed the course of my life.


  • Improved language skills
  • Exposure to cultural experience
  • Confidence building
  • Developed technical skills

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