Placement overview

Name: Jade
Placement: Complimentary Therapies
Duration: 4 weeks
Location: Crete, Greece
  • “My advice to future participants is to be willing to learn and be adaptable to the unexpected. Be prepared to show resilience and look for solutions so you can react in the right way to unexpected challenges.”

    Jade, Complimentary therapies student, Crete

The motivation

I applied for Erasmus+ for the invaluable experience of working abroad. I knew that there would be so many new and different experiences for me to learn from. I was hopeful that my placement would allow me to interact with different types of clients, and help me to feel more confident and competent in my ability to perform treatments.

The placement

My placement was with Aegeo Spas, which provide treatments in different hotels. I was able to see the internal workings of a variety of spas, and all the work that happens out of sight of clients and guests. For my placement I was an Aegeo Spa Therapist and completed treatments such as deep tissue massages, facial treatments, and foot massage with reflexology. I was also responsible for customer care, recommending products and treatments, and keeping the spa centre clean and organised.

The location

I really liked the warmer climate and being so close to the Rethymno seafront. Being able to try Greek cuisine was lovely, such as having real feta cheese, moussaka and Greek salads. It was enjoyable to spend nearly a month in another country and in Crete it was great to see the culture every day, and experience a different atmosphere to home.


The impact

I have experienced a boost in confidence. I am a much more accomplished and competent therapist, and I have shown that I can be successful outside of the college environment. I have more belief in my skills as I succeeded in using them to provide treatments to real, paying guests and clients. I received positive feedback from clients, which led to praise from management.

I believe that having international work experience on my CV will mean that when I apply for jobs within the spa industry I will be seen as a more rounded candidate, and that this will give me a greater edge. I will be able to draw upon the interpersonal skills I have learnt. I have now gained real hands-on experience working in a spa, which is difficult to achieve if you are still working towards being qualified. Work experience to the extent that I have, actually completing treatments, isn’t available in the same way in the UK.


  • First hand experience
  • Stronger CV
  • Confidence building
  • Improved people skills

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