Placement overview

Name: Krushangkumar
Vocational sector: ICT
Duration: 5 weeks
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • ‘Doing a work placement abroad introduces you to the world of work. You learn a lot about living independently and learn to navigate our own way.’

    Krushangkumar, ICT student, Prague

The motivation

I wanted to work abroad, interact with new people and learn new skills. The placement contributed to the 36 hours of work experience required by my course and I was encouraged by past participants and my parents to apply.

The placement

My work placement was in a Tech company in Prague. My tasks included reviewing and testing the website to find bugs and errors. I developed a new e-commerce website for a company, and helped translate content for websites. I went through an online course about Instagram marketing in which I focused on Instagram growth for the company. I made an Instagram strategy for interacting with audiences by posting, liking, commenting and sharing posts.

The location

The thing I liked most about working in Prague were the people. It’s a fantastic city with beautiful buildings and churches, with friendly and kind people. Another great thing about Prague was the food – there were various delicious dishes which I enjoyed eating throughout my time in Prague!


The impact

Meeting new people, working abroad and exploring new places were the most important parts of my placement. I learnt management and organisational skills and improved my confidence. The most important skill that I gained from colleagues in Prague is to respect and show value to others, even if they don’t know your language very well.

This experience will help me professionally in the future and assist me in my search for work. It’s a good opportunity to get a sense of the real working environment in your field, through interacting with colleagues and asking questions. I learnt to live independently and to navigate my own way. Working in international work placement is great to include on my CV!

My advice to future participants would be: be polite and respectful to your mentor at your work placement and everyone else who is supporting you, enjoy your stay abroad, follow the guidelines that are there to keep you safe, and make time to go sightseeing and try special foods!


  • Exposure to a cultural experience
  • Confidence building
  • Learned how to live independently
  • Improved management and organisational skills

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