We worked in partnership with Leicester College to provide structured work placements linked to students’ vocational areas of study.

Students carried out work placements of either 2 weeks or 4 weeks in the following vocational areas.

  • Construction
  • Hospitality and Catering
  • Motor Vehicle Maintenance
  • Travel and Tourism

Project results




90% rather or very satisfied
95% would recommend their host employer
90% improved their chances of getting a job

Gender balance



Student testimonials

  • “My duties included serving breakfast for customers and my coffee-making skills have definitely improved. I would like to work full-time in the food industry which my Erasmus+ work placement will help me to apply for. I am now also thinking about working abroad again as this experience has greatly improved my confidence.”  

    Patricia, Hospitality & Catering student, Spain
  • “Most of my tasks involved body work and painting the vehicles but I was also able to do mechanical tasks like replacing the fans, suspensions and oil filters. I have learned so much about myself and also developed my technical skills from this experience and hope to do an apprenticeship in the UK next.”  

    Rita, Student, Spain
  • “I mostly assisted a plumber with air conditioning and underfloor heating. I experienced a different style of plumbing, which was great. Furthermore, we were fixing boilers in customers’ houses and repairing faults. I now feel that if I had to fit any underfloor heating or conditioning pipes, I would be comfortable to do it without any assistance or supervision.”

    Khalil, Construction student, Lebrija


Team work skills 92%
Problem solving skills 91%
Technical and professional skills 91%
Independent learning skills 81%

Improved attitudes and behaviours

More adaptable 92%
More confident 91%
More curious and open-minded 91%
More culturally aware 88%

Improved competencies

Foreign language competencies 86%
Entrepreneurship competencies 85%
Digital competencies 80%
STEM competencies 78%

Tutor testimonials

  • “Erasmus+ supports our students in becoming work ready. From the start, they are more committed to their studies in order to be selected. The programme is related to all apsects of the course modules and helps with classroom session planning and life skills.”

    Neil, Construction tutor, Lebrija