Placement overview

Name: Lewis
Vocational area: Football
Duration: 3 weeks
Location: Seville, Spain
  • 'The trip to Seville has helped me professionally. I have this experience to put on my CV. I have now seen coaching in England and in Spain so I can use different coaching methods when coaching back at home.'

    Lewis, Football student, Seville

The placement

The highlight of the trip for me was playing against Spanish opposition and learning new ways to play. The placement involved playing and training for football everyday. We also had tasks to learn Spanish and living and cooking for ourselves.

Tutor perspective

Lewis’ course tutor, Alex, joined the group as an accompanying person.

“In addition to the time spent in training”, he explained, “the learners received lessons in the evolution of Spanish football and an approach to football that was introduced and developed over 20 years. The staff at WPI taught students, in an accessible and engaging way, how Johan Cruyff’s style of play and football philosophy has influenced Spanish managers and players.”

The learning

I have definitely learnt something new on this placement. I have learnt new ways to play football. I have learnt how to adapt to the Spanish way of living and buying and cooking the tea for others. I have learnt how to be part of a team.

Living alone for 3 weeks has made me more independent. You had to be when you were in Spain as you didn’t have anyone there to do something for you, it was left up to you and you had to make your own decisions.


The impact

I think that the trip to Seville has helped me professionally, in a working environment as well as for my football. Our coach believes that we’re all good enough to play a good level of football. In a working environment we have this experience that we could use to put on our CV. I have now seen coaching in England and in Spain so I can use different coaching methods when coaching back at home.

My plan is to keep working hard in college and with my football. I hope our College gets the opportunity to come back to Seville to let others see how different playing in Seville is. I would also like the chance to come back as well.


  • Improved language skills
  • Exposure to cultural experience
  • Confidence building
  • Improved people skills

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