Placement overview

Name: Liam Plumridge
Role: Head of Employability
Organisation: HRUC
Placements: Canada, Greece, Spain and Portugal
  • It has revitalised what we do. It has made us rethink the work placement opportunities that we are looking for and offering to our learners locally and broadened our perspectives on what is out there.

    Liam Plumridge, Harrow Richmond & Uxbridge Colleges

Impact on learners

It has been incredible to witness learners blossoming into amazing young adults, getting opportunities they would never get. We recently held a celebration event at the College to bring together all 90 learners from the HRUC family of colleges, that took part in the scheme last year. One learner, who has autism, stood up in a room full of people to talk about his experience abroad. He was also able to talk about the trip during a recent work interview

Raised profile of College

We have seen our learner achievements recognised at the College award ceremony – as a result of the trips, learners are flourishing in their studies.

It has raised the profile of the scheme 1 million per cent. Our new students see it as a unique opportunity that the College offers; it has improved the profile of the College. We use Turing examples in our materials all the time. 

Enhanced experience for staff

The trips have given our staff real-world experience. None of our employability staff had been on international trips with the College before. It has increased their connectivity to the students and given them the opportunity to see the placements first hand. 


The impact

It has revitalised what we do. We have seen our host countries give us these fantastic opportunities for our learners – why can’t we do more in our own country? It has made us rethink the work placement opportunities that we are looking for and offering to our learners locally. It has broadened our perspectives on what is out there.

It is an easy decision for us to continue with this partnership. We are giving our young people the opportunity to go to another country, be more independent and learn about a different culture. It is an opportunity for disadvantaged students to leave a deprived area and see some inspirational locations. Without the funding they would never be able to afford to do this.


  • Improved language skills
  • Exposure to cultural experience
  • Confidence building
  • Improved people skills

Collaboration and partnership is at the heart of what we do.

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