Placement overview

Name: Lily
Vocational area: Travel & Tourism
Duration: 6 weeks
Location: Seville, Spain
  • "The experience looks amazing on my CV. When applying for jobs, I have related a lot of my skills and experience to being back in Seville." 

    Lily, Travel & Tourism student, Seville

The experience

We arrived during La Feria. It’s basically a big festival with hundreds of private tents owned by families where they gather and eat, drink and party! There is a big fair with rides and games. The men wear smart suits and the girls wear big dresses. Although you have to be invited to these tents there are a number of public tents which we went to.

The learning

I definitely feel I benefited from this experience and often wish I was back there now! My family have said they have noticed a difference in me since coming back, for the better. I feel a lot more confident, I can face new challenges and feel I can now take charge in situations which was something I never used to do.


The impact

The experience looks amazing on my CV. When applying for jobs I have related my skills and experience back to being in Seville. I recently had an interview and she seemed very impressed with what I had done whilst there, I’m now just waiting to hear back.


  • Improved language skills
  • Exposure to cultural experience
  • Confidence building
  • Improved people skills

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