The aim of the project was to increase the employability of students and to broaden their perspective of European labour market opportunities.

Students from several vocational colleges across England took part in this project, including BSix College (Hackney), City of Bristol College, Bath College, Wiltshire College, and SGS College (South Gloucestershire and Stroud).

Students carried out a structured work experience placement of between 4-6 weeks. in the following vocational areas.

  • Business
  • Construction
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Health and Social Care
  • Hospitality and Catering
  • Information Technology
  • Travel and Tourism

Project results




84% rather or very satisfied
94% would recommend their host employer
94% improved their chances of getting a job

Gender balance



Student testimonials

  • “I was treated as a regular employee and cooperated closely with the CEO. Their goal for this year was to expand into an international market. I definitely developed self-management, confidence, my communication skills and many others. My employer decided to keep me employed after my work experience finished.”  

    Wiktor, Business student, Prague
  • “Working internationally has helped me a lot. The skills I learned during my placement will help me with my future as I now have experience of how to interact with different types of people, even when we don’t speak the same language. This will be useful if I go on to become a paramedic as you never know the people you are going to meet and if they will be able to speak the same language, so I will have experience in dealing with these situations.”  

    Sandra, Health & Social Care student, Porto
  • “I worked in a really good tapas restaurant that had good standards and was always busy. The cultures and traditions of Spanish food is different and unique. I understood that in a workplace I can’t rely on others, work has to be done no matter what, you have to be independent and try 110% all the time.”  

    Amy, Hospitality & Catering student, Barcelona


Independent learning skills 90%
Problem solving skills 90%
Team work skills 90%
Technical and professional skills 89%

Improved attitudes and behaviours

More adaptable 90%
More confident 89%
More curious and open-minded 87%
More aware of own strengths & weaknesses 86%

Improved competencies

Social and civic competencies 83%
Digital competencies 73%
STEM competencies 65%

Tutor testimonials

  • “My students had to overcome language barriers, cultural differences and living independently for a month. This was an amazing opportunity for them and something they will remember all their lives. All students are progressing onto university and I am sure that completing an Erasmus+ placement was the perfect transition between FE and HE.”  

    Nathalie, Health & Social Care tutor, Porto