Placement overview

Name: Tia
Vocational area: Hair & Beauty
Duration: 4 weeks
Location: Rethymno, Crete
  • "I can now communicate with people with a more open mind and better understand those with different backgrounds to myself."

    Tia, Hair & Beauty student, Crete

The motivation

I applied for the placement so I could  have the chance to travel to another country whilst gaining work experience in a salon. I had only travelled abroad to see family before so this was a big step, which was exciting!

The placement

My work placement was at a salon with separate sections for nails and hair. I had the chance to cut cuticles, perform manicures and practice with acrylics. This had not been part of my course so I appreciated the chance to gain new skills. It was great to be able to cut hair for Greek customers. I even helped dye someone’s hair blue! It was really fun because I used to have blue hair when I was younger too.

Some customers helped to translate between me and a colleague who did not speak much English. My supervisor was really helpful and supportive throughout my placement, which I am thankful for.

The location

My group took every opportunity to explore the city and surrounding areas. I felt that even the nightlife had a much happier and safer environment. The local people were very friendly and easy to talk to. Crete had a different atmosphere where the people are a lot more hard working, which inspired me to work harder too!


The impact

Living with friends away from home has allowed me to grow more independent and learn to cook! My accommodation was a lovely and clean self-catered apartment.

I learned that communication is the key to situations, to ensure that you get the right information across. I can now communicate with people with a more open mind and better understand those with different backgrounds to myself. This will also help me professionally in my future.

I will focus more on hair next year during my final year on my course, and then will go to university to study make-up and boost my skills further.


  • Exposure to a cultural experience
  • Improved communication skills
  • Confidence building
  • Became more independent

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