Placement overview

Name: Turkan
Age: 17
Duration: 3 weeks
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • “Before my placement, I was known as the quiet one in my class that barely spoke to anyone. Living with people I'd never really spoken to before, helped me come out of my shell and increased my confidence around others.”

    Turkan, Business student, Prague

The motivation

I applied for the Erasmus+ programme because it offered me the opportunity to work abroad and gain experience that I felt would benefit me in the future. I thought it would be a good opportunity to see what working abroad in a new country would be like.

The placement

During my placement, I worked at the Centre for the Integration of Children & Youth; a charity-based business that helps mothers, children and families. My tasks included translating documents from Czech to English and working with children within their nursery settings. Whilst on my placement, I undertook a project which involved conducting research into overseas schools and exploring whether they would be interested in partnering with the organisation in the future. I was also tasked with the responsibility of starting a social media page to document our time in Prague.

The location

Our accommodation was quite central and not too far from where my placement was based. We had a tube station and a tram station near to where we were staying so it was very convenient for commuting. There were also many shops and supermarkets within walking distance.


The impact

Before my placement, I was known as the quiet one in my class that barely spoke to anyone. Living with people I’d never really spoken to before helped me come out of my shell, and increased my confidence around others. I feel like the international work experience I have gained will benefit me in the future because I now have a clearer understanding of what it’s like to work abroad, the expectations that employers have and the types of tasks I’d be working on in the future.

I now plan to finish off my Level 3 at College and then go to University to study International Business so that one day I can work internationally again. The advice I’d give to future participants is to take the chance to work abroad and experience what it’s like to live independently in another country. It will change your perspective on life!


  • Improved understanding of the sector
  • Exposure to cultural experience
  • Confidence building
  • Improved people skills

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