For over a decade, we’ve been designing and delivering international placements for young people from diverse backgrounds.

Working alongside our trusted network of hosts we ensure that their experiences are meaningful, enriching, and open up new possibilities for their future.

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  • “I had never been on a plane or gone abroad before so…the thing that stuck out most for me was being in another country for the first time. Learning some words in a new language and being able to ask about or for something in that language was something I was very proud of.”

    George, Construction student, Lebrija

Real stories

Visiting another country is always exciting, but being immersed in its culture is an even greater adventure. We love to hear about the profound effects of our placements on young people, and we hope you will too.

How our placements are structured

Travelling to another country independently can be daunting for a young person, but rest assured that we do everything possible to make them feel safe and comfortable.

While they’re encouraged to step out of their comfort zone, we ensure that they’re adequately supported so that they feel ready to take on this new and exciting challenge. The safety and safeguarding of our participants is at the top of our agenda, so we always ensure that rigorous risk assessments are completed and that our partners have policies which reflect this commitment as well. We also provide 24/7 support for students in case they require any further support during their stay.

What’s in it for young people?

Our international placements help young people stand out from the crowd. Having this experience on their CV not only makes them more attractive to prospective employers, but also gives them an opportunity to gain work experience which has a lifelong impact on their future.

Working in professional environments that are directly linked to their vocational course, participants have structured opportunities to learn technical and soft skills that will be valuable throughout their lives.

Clear learning goals set from the beginning of their placement ensure that they make the most of their time with skilled professionals. At the same time they gain valuable experience of the wider world, and a different perspective of the job market.

College partnership model

If you’re looking for support to introduce, develop and sustain your own programme of international placements for your students, we can help.

We have a strong track record of accessing funding and delivering bespoke end to end projects for our growing network of VET college partners in the UK.

  • “This placement has offered me the best experience I could have had abroad. I was faced with many challenges, such as language barriers, which I overcame by finding other ways of interacting and communicating with others. This is a skill that will stand out on my CV when I apply for jobs.”

    Veronica, Health & Social Care student, Porto

Collaboration and partnership is at the heart of what we do.

If you would like to find out more about the way we work, get in touch.