If you’re looking for support to introduce, develop and sustain your own programme of international placements for your students, we can help.

We have a strong track record of accessing funding and delivering bespoke end to end projects for our growing network of vocational college partners in the UK.

  • “During our time at Mosaiccos, we learned and developed the skills to create mosaics using coloured glass and various types of ceramics. This includes cutting and designing intricate patterns onto frames and magnets, later grouting them with multiple layers until we were happy with the results.”

    Adelle, Creatives student, Barcelona

What do students gain?

International work placements are an invaluable learning opportunity for students. Going on a placement gives them the chance to apply the skills they learn at the college to a real life work setting. And it’s so much more than this; they gain life skills, developing their adaptability, resilience and confidence. They’re supported to step outside of their comfort zone, and experience living and working in a different culture.


Our model overview

Bespoke programme development

We can work with you to design work placements that are suitable for your learners and are closely aligned to their vocational course. The placements also provide an invaluable professional development opportunity for staff.

We offer placements in a range of vocational areas. Together, we can identify departments that would benefit from the placements and design a project that supports your college’s wider strategic goals. We take care of all aspects of project delivery, in full consultation with your staff.

We take care of all aspects of project delivery, in full consultation with your staff. This includes:

  • designing the project and writing the application for funding
  • advising on strategies for recruitment
  • overseeing the set-up of carefully selected placements
  • addressing health and safety considerations
  • coordinating logistics
  • supporting the delivery of training for staff and students
  • ensuring that placements are fully evaluated
  • disseminating the positive results of the placements
Managing challenges
With over a decade of experience behind us, we’re aware of the pitfalls you may face and have guidance support in place to minimise these challenges. All of our placements are developed in collaboration with our strong network of international partners. Our partners help us develop suitable placements and provide local support to both students and staff.
We also work with key members of staff to make the process as easy as possible. Sometimes we work directly with course tutors, sometimes with job coaches/work experience coordinators. Whatever your needs are, we can adapt and design a model that best suits your way of working.
Stepping back
You own the project. Some of our college partners may only require our support during the initial stages of project delivery whereas others require a longer period of support to embed the project into course delivery.
We can be there for as long as you need us to be, to ensure the project is a success.
If you’re interested in exploring a model of partnership with us, please get in touch.
  • “I had an amazing time in Barcelona working for Galeria Maxo where I learnt how to work independently to recreate art work and produce my own work. I really enjoyed it as it helped me gain more confidence in my decision making and practical skills. I also found living on my own an eye opening experience as it helped me not only manage my own money, but also gave me an insight into what life would be like when I do eventually live on my own.”

    Wrenn, Creatives student, Barcelona
  • “I feel my experience of working and living in Barcelona has definitely made me mature professionally and for the future living independently. This whole experience has made me learn that there is so much opportunity and hidden creativity you just have to find it and explore new places”.

    Jack, Creatives student, Barcelona

Collaboration and partnership is at the heart of what we do.

If you would like to find out more about the way we work, get in touch.