Our participants travel to the seaside city of Limassol for their Cypriot placements, and stay in accommodation close to the seafront.

Placements on offer:
  • Travel & Tourism
  • “I absolutely think my international placement will help me professionally in the future. Having this experience on my CV looks great and will help me when I’m looking for a job in the travel industry as it will show employers that I have work experience from a young age, and will set me out from the crowd.”

    Lucy, Travel & Tourism student, Seville

Our partners

Our host partner in Cyprus is ShipCon.

Participants stay in shared accommodation owned by our partner, with live-in support. They source a range of placements in local hotels and resorts. They also provide support to participants, and organise regular trips and social evenings.


Student testimonials

  • “I applied for the Erasmus+ placement because I thought it would be a great opportunity to develop my work skills and my life skills. Living without my parents was already a huge step but being in another country made this even more challenging. I was determined to complete this placement and experience meeting new people, new cultures and fulfil my desire to travel.”

    Emily, Travel & Tourism student, Barcelona
  • “The best thing about working abroad was being able to live independently for the first time and being able to prove myself. I adapted to new situations including overcoming the language barrier and being patient in the face of challenges.”

    Ella, Hair & Beauty student, Crete

Explore all our host countries

Our host countries are carefully selected for their richness in culture, secure infrastructure and range of high quality placements. We have trusted local partners in each location, who have proven their ability to provide top-quality training and support to students.

Find out more about our host countries, and which vocational areas they specialise in.