Vocational education is growing fast – and we’re part of the movement.

In today’s competitive educational landscape, it’s essential that qualifications are transferable and skills levels are internationally recognised. To address this, we’re collaborating with several initiatives and networks to develop and implement a range of skills frameworks.

  • "The experience had a great impact on the technical experience of the participants and also on their soft skills. They learned so much, not only about the job roles they were doing or the expectations of each, but also about themselves. I was very pleased to observe the growth in the student’s ability and confidence throughout the trip. Many did not want to return and wished they could have stayed longer!"  

    Jacqueline, Health & Social Care tutor, Porto

Knowledge sharing

We’re actively involved in initiatives and networks to exchange ideas and learning around the development and implementation of skills frameworks. This puts us in a stronger position to support the delivery and standardisation of vocational education at international level.

Developing resources

Our aim is to improve the process of evidencing and validating learning on international work placements. That’s why we’ve been working with our European partners to identify and address the challenges faced by vocational colleges in this area. These findings have been translated into resources which are in line with a European Framework (the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET), and encourage the use of accredited learning outcomes on short term work placements. We’re also an active member of the UK’s ECVET community of practice.

International perspective

We’re interested in learning more about skills framework development in other regions and are currently exploring opportunities for bespoke vocational curriculum development in Africa and the Caribbean. Our understanding and experience of skills frameworks is an invaluable resource that we want organisations take advantage of.


To learn more about our work to date or explore opportunities to partner with us, please get in touch.

  • “The biggest learning experience I had was living with people I never really spoke to and becoming confident around them. This was one of my learning experiences because I was known to be the quiet one in class and barely spoke to anyone. This trip has enabled me to come out my shell and be more confident around others then I have done before.”

    Armela, Business student, Prague