We have been thriving as a social enterprise for 10 years.

When we first launched as a social enterprise, our focus was on developing environmental programmes that promoted sustainability and positively impacted young people wanting to gain experience in the sector. A decade later, these founding objectives are more relevant than ever.

  • “My students had to overcome language barriers, cultural differences and living independently for a month. This was an amazing opportunity for them and something they will remember all their lives. All students are progressing onto university and I am sure that completing an Erasmus+ placement was the perfect transition between FE and HE.”  

    Nathalie, Health & Social Care tutor, Porto

Core themes

All of our work is underpinned by the core themes of promoting development, increasing sustainability and enhancing skillsets. We continue to be driven by our goal to achieve environmental and social impact. Our work focuses on empowering young people and women to thrive. We also support social entrepreneurs and emerging social enterprises throughout their development.

We’re excited to be partnering with organisations in Africa and the Caribbean who will further this mission, and help us design programmes that deliver real change for communities.


All of our work is aligned to the UN’s sustainable development goals, which provide a universal framework for global partnerships to proactively address and solve common challenges within the global development agenda.


We work with like-minded organisations to build programmes that achieve sustainable impact, and actively support individuals with limited opportunities to positively shape their future.

We believe that successful partnerships stem from shared values. That’s why we work with partners who share our vision of creating a more sustainable and positive future. While we bring sector specific skills and knowledge to the table, our partners on the ground share their expertise of the local context. We’re confident that by working together, we can achieve real impact.


To learn more about our work to date or explore opportunities to partner with us, please get in touch.

We offer support and expertise in the following areas

Accessing & managing funding
We have successfully accessed and managed over €6m of funding, as a direct recipient and on behalf of our partners.
We offer support and expertise to organisations to understand the funding landscape and position themselves most effectively in order to access funding.
Capacity building
We support organisational strategy planning and review. We consider the operating context and how best to align programme development to wider global goals.
We have robust and transferable project management and experience.
Impact assessment
We support organisations to effectively manage and measure the impact of their work. Our programmes are impact driven, and we can demonstrate the differences we have made to the individuals and organisations that we work with.
We are currently working with partners in Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Jamaica and the North Africa region to scope opportunities for programme development.

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Partner insight

  • ‘We face a variety of issues as social enterprises in Ethiopia. One would be the lack of a variety of funding options that allow social entrepreneurs to choose the best models of funding that would work best for them and the social enterprise stage they are in. We also face issues around regulation, the government is slowly understanding the concept of what social enterprises are but we still doesn't have official policy or regulation that recognizes these sort of organizations’

    Tizzita Tefera Social Entrepreneur - Co-Founder & CEO of Maisha ICT Technologies PLC: Tech for good